45 Elf on the Shelf Ideas (from the same Elf!)

i thought it might be helpful to have a compilation of our beloved Eli the Elf’s shenanigans all in one place.  so this post is for all of you who, like me, need a quick and easy resource guide.  so here’s our top 45:
for some of you who have been around here for awhile, there are a few new ones in this list that i’ve never posted before :)  my pregnancy last year preventing me from finishing out my elf posts!

(if you need an elf, you can purchase one here:  The Elf on the Shelf)

you might be interested to read up on the story of our Elf’s first arrival here…and how our family uses Eli to lead us into a deeper understanding of God’s grace.

the first year, Eli arrived in a box with a letter from Santa explaining who he was.  he was all tucked into the box with a little red felt blanket to keep him cozy for his long trip to Florida: (details on the letter here)

the next year, we found this box on our doorstep.  Eli was so excited about coming to see us again, that he busted right out of his box with his calendar showing us how he had been counting down the days until his visit:
here he is, “elf-ing himself” on the “Elf Yourself” website:
one of my personal faves…blaming his mess on my son:
 Smokin’ the Three Wise Men in a game of hoops:
 Giving his girlfriend a good teeth cleaning:
Waging War on our beloved stuffed animals:
Making Smores (and in the absence of a fireplace, he used the OnDemand Yule Log on the TV):

Framing himself within our family gallery wall:

i think he had been feeling a little left out of all the family photos:



Playing School:

Relaxing in a Bubble Bath:

Having a Snowball Fight with his girlfriend:

Swinging in the Kiddo’s Doorway:

with a “Good Morning” sign:

 Dressing up the ponies as reindeer and making them pull his sleigh:

Painting a Masterpiece:

Apparently, Elves poop peppermints:  (don’t judge!)

Christmas Countdown:

Marshmallow Message:

Racing to the Finish Line:

Getting a Glass of Water:

Rocking Baby Jesus:

Cheering on our Football Team:  (if you know NFL, then this will make sense)

Decorating the house with snowflakes:
Brushing his Teeth:
 Reading all our Christmas Books:
Movie Night:
 Building a Tower:
 Taking a Ride on the Ceiling Fan:
Rolling our Tree:
Playing Board Games:
Playing some Tunes:Wrapping up the Kid’s Lunches:Going Fishing:
 Building a Tower with all our pillows:
Zip-lining on our Garland:
Playing a game of Football:
Making Snow Angels:
Studying Scripture:
Leaving us Elf Donuts: (“O” Shaped Cereal dipped in chocolate with sprinkles,covered in powdered sugar, and covered in cinnamon sugar…in a mini mint container)Cutting down a Christmas Tree:

Building our family as Snowmen:

 Sneaking a picture of himself playing the drums at church into our Sunday Morning announcements:

Trying to make a clean getaway with the Hub’s wallet:

technically, that was 46, but i didn’t think you’d mind a little extra one added in there!  i hope you enjoyed some our favorites from over the years, and i hope its helpful for you as you plan your for your own elf!  and since our Elf is coming soon, I’d love to hear any ideas you’ve got for me.  leave them in my comments and maybe i’ll implement them this year.  and i’ll of course be sharing some pictures along the way!

PS:  i’ll probably be regularly updating my Instagram (leanak) with Eli’s antics this year, so you can check there in between posts for more ideas :)

and you can take a look at this link for details of our Elf from year’s past.