Jazzed Up Apples

so i realize that in a few hours, it’ll be Halloween, so it might be a little late to be posting Halloween recipes, but oh well! i guess these can be made anytime!

one of our fave fave fave Halloween treats are these:

its pretty much your typical caramel apple, just jazzed up a bit!

so just in case you want to whip some up, i’ll show you how we do it:

melt some caramel. i use these, cause they are super simple: (and sometimes they come with popsicle sticks inside)
spoon chocolate into a squeeze bottle:
(if you don’t have a squeeze bottle, just drizzle with a spoon)let chocolate harden in fridge.

then dig in!
we do keep a couple plain janes around for those of us who don’t like chocolate…
“those of us” being my children. neither one of them really enjoy chocolate. the bug will eat some, but the boy won’t touch it at all! crazy, huh?

but to make up for the boy’s craziness, we have some exciting news to share with you:
that is a tooth….coming in behind Canaan’s baby teeth! momma was freakin a little, cause the baby teeth weren’t budging, and all i could think about was how crooked and crazy that little adult tooth was gonna look when it came in, cause those cute little baby teeth weren’t movin out of the way for it! but, as we discovered yesterday, the boy’s bottom 2 front teeth are in fact loose!! and he couldn’t be more excited about it!!

so…he’s been begging me all day for an apple so he can chomp into it to get those teeth out, so maybe it’ll happen tomorrow when he enjoys his “un-jazzed up apple”! (i guess it would be fitting for the Tooth Fairy to visit on Halloween!) but at least then he can stop working so hard to get them out on his own!
is it just me, or does it seem like when adult teeth start coming in that its a reminder that your little ones really are growing up?? how does that happen so fast???!!!

wishing i could hit the pause button on life, and that he could just stay dressed as a cute little Mr. Potato Head forever (you guys were correct on your guesses, btw!)

can’t wait to show you the full costumes,