these are a few…

…of my favorite things!

with it being just less than 2 weeks before Christmas (eek!!), i thought it’d be fun to share with you a few of my favorite Christmas things!

first things first…i’m a big fan of great candles these days.  probably because this little place i live in picks up smells (good and bad) and makes them linger for a long time.  so having a good candle ensures that i can keep this little place smelling great all day long!  so….

this candle…oh this candle….THE BEST Christmas smelling candle ever.  truly…makes my house smell just like the Holidays!  i don’t even know exactly how to describe that smell, but as soon as you smell it, that’s what you’ll say…”this smells JUST like Christmas!”

i got it a few years ago, and only burn it at Christmas so it lasts.  unfortunately, i can’t seem to find the exact one anymore, but from reviews i’ve read, i think this one is similar:  Sparkling Snow Yankee Candle

these are some of the Christmas books that i check out every year from the library.  i order them in advance, so that they are not taken quickly by the time the holiday comes around:

Angelina’s Christmas
God Gave Us Christmas
We Were There: A Nativity Story
Charlie and the Christmas Kitty
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree
Room for a Little One
Just in Case You Ever Wonder

and one more, that is a little longer of a read, but so super sweet, and a great book to read together as a family.  (its written by Billy Graham’s wife):

One Wintry Night

 this next one…oh man!!  its absolutely my all time favorite favorite favorite Christmas book.  this was shared with us years ago by our dear friend (who is now Bella’s Kindergarten teacher!).  it is the absolute sweetest story, and will make you tear up as you read it to your kiddos.  its called The Crippled Lamb.  i cannot tell you how much i ADORE this book!

(that pic was taken 3 years ago…how much she has changed!!)

here are some books that we’ve accumulated over the years, that are just fun reads for little ones:

Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear
The Biggest, Best Snowman
Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s for Dinner?
Madeline’s Christmas
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad
Touch and Feel Baby Jesus Is Born
My Merry Christmas: And the Real Reason for Christmas Joy

and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas in our fam without reading some form of  The Nutcracker Ballet:  (Bella’s Nutcracker Performance is this weekend … ahhh!!  :) )

here’s one for the mommas out there, who are like me, and feel like this season just rushes right past in a blink of an eye amidst all the hustle and bustle, buying and wrapping, baking and planning….and before you know it, you’ve totally forgotten what you’re celebrating in the first place.  i keep this one on my coffee table and grab it for a quick read here and there, to help my mind and heart slow down and remember the most important reason we celebrate:  One Incredible Moment

its made up of a bunch of short stories about all the details surrounding Jesus’ birth.  they are completely captivating to read.  they make me feel like i’m really in the moment, in that time period, there….Max Lucado truly has a gift!

i posted on Instagram not too long ago that i am one of those who starts listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  (sorry!)   but i just love it, and can’t resist, and feel the need to enjoy it as long as possible.  because its just not the same after Christmas, ya know?

here are some of my favorite Christmas CD’s:

On The Incarnation (this one is my current fave, and has been for the last few years since it was given to us.  its amazing!  trust me…you will NOT be disappointed if you decide to download it!  it might just become your fave too!  and in case you do download it, check out #4, Rise and Fall, first.  its incredible!!)
James Taylor At Christmas
A Very Special Christmas 2
Time-Life Music: Treasury of Christmas – Holiday Memories
Christmas Songs by Jars of Clay
Hillsong: Celebrating Christmas
Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas
Relient K: Let It Snow Baby… Let It Reindeer

and of course, Amy Grant’s Christmas Albums are so classic and always in our rotation!

Amy Grant: Home for Christmas
Amy Grant: Christmas Album

and have you ever heard about this?

What God Wants for Christmas

its a really sweet activity to do as a family the week leading up to Christmas.  you open a box on each day (there are 7 boxes) and read the story and Scripture that goes along with what is in the box.  the contents of each box end up making a nativity set (not the one pictured…sorry to confuse you!)  it all leads up to the big reveal of “What God wants for Christmas,” which you find out on the 7th day.  we do it before bed each night the week before Christmas, and my kiddos wait in anticipation all month to finally get to do it.  (we have to take turns and alternate days to open the boxes, cause in years past, its caused some arguments :)  funny how sweet family moments can so quickly turn into all out crying temper tantrums!  please tell me that happens in your families too??)

and this nativity set is perfect for kiddos!  this one stays in my kids room, and they love to play around with it:

Veggie Tales Nativity Set

 who doesn’t love Veggie Tales?  and speaking of Veggie Tales, we watch many Christmas movies during this time of year, and especially enjoy all the classics, but these two are at the top of our list:

The Star of Christmas
The Nativity Story

i can’t talk about my favorite Christmas things without talking Christmas decorations, because i LOVE decorating our home for Christmas.  but i won’t bore you again, as many of you have seen my decor in years past…it hasn’t really changed much!  you can take a peek here.  however, i will tell you that i’ve added a new addition to my decor this year, and i’m so excited about it!  its this creamy winter bunting from one of my sponsors, Sweet Bay Crochet.  i’m loving it, and i especially love that i can keep it up for January even after all the Christmas decorations come down!

and i’ll let you in on a few secrets:  here is a list of a few of the Christmas presents that i think Santa might be bringing the kiddos.  but shhh….its a secret!

Bendaroos Mega Pack 500 Pieces
Multi-Flex LED Book Light, Silver
Crayola Washable Window Markers
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Snuggly Puppy 11″

that about wraps it up for our favorite Christmas things!  please tell me your favorites too!  i’m always looking for good books, gift ideas, CD’s, etc to add to our collection!

and…i’m presently accepting a few more sponsors for the month of January, at a reduced “After Christmas” rate.  if interested, contact me at asmallsnippet{at}gmail{dot}com.

coming back soon with more of Eli,