Homemade Uncrustables

we are presently on a road trip with the crazies, and i feel like i needed a vacation just from the packing and planning process!
we packed up the car:
loaded up the crazies, with their Camelbak Water Bottles:
and found out that we had a dead car battery!
kinda laughable, but better to happen at that point then on the Interstate out in the middle of nowhere!
but anywhere, the real reason for this post…
in an effort to save money while out and about in our first destination of Washington DC, we decided to try to pack our lunch everyday.  so before we left home, i made these:

and thought that i’d pass along the idea to you.  obviously, its not an original, but i wanted a way to pack a clean eating lunch that would last for a long day in the city.  before starting our new food plan, i would buy these in the freezer section of stores for a quick and easy lunch while traveling.  but i figured i could make them myself, and eliminate some of the stuff we are trying to avoid.  they are also less expensive this way!

just in case any of you are traveling too this summer, i thought this might come in handy.


i got The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal Sandwich Press as a wedding gift as apart of a Pampered Chef basket.  i bet you could easily find one if you don’t have one, but i think you could also use a cookie cutter or a biscuit cutter, or even the rim of a glass.  you can seal the edges with a fork, and i think it would work the same way!

once they were cut out, i put them in individual ziploc bags and froze them.  most hotel rooms have a little freezer where you can keep them, or you can keep them in a cooler on ice.  we were staying with friends so we just kept them in their freezer.  i would throw them in the backpack in the morning, and by lunch time they were perfectly unfrozen.
we’d find a bench and eat our lunch of uncrustables, apples and oranges, and maple almonds, saving us money and time to hit all we wanted to hit in the city!


i’ll be back to tell you more about touring Washington DC with kids!