Maple Almonds

you know….somehow i post more often when i’m not even in town!!  how does that happen?  i should just sit down and schedule out all my posts like i do before i head out of town, cause that’s when i seem to be most organized!!  
but anyway…this is a quick post to share with you a super yummy recipe that i made to bring to Haiti with us. 
all you need are almonds and maple syrup!  (and see that fabric in the background?  that was a major score, and will be used in a project just as soon as i get home!)
here’s the recipe card for you with the how-to:

i’m a bit worried about how we are going to stay on our Clean Eating food plan while we are in Haiti, so i packed these almonds, some granola, and a few other things that are healthy and filling so we always have options to make good choices!
so for those of you who are like me and like to see what other people are eating, here’s a pic of some of our snacks:

i’m slightly…more than slightly…obsessed with that Camelback water bottle.  its insulated, so it keeps my water ice cold all day long, and doesn’t sweat, which is SO fabulous, considering that thing goes everywhere i go!!

and if you are wondering if i really packed a whole bag of Fuji apples, the answer is YES!  i always pack apples when we go to Haiti.  creature of habit…apple obsession…call it what you will, but a crisp juicy apple never disappoints, and is well worth the couple extra LBS it adds to my bag!

enjoy your almonds!