Rock, Paper, Scissors

i loved hearing all of the trio Halloween costume ideas that you guys sent my way.  i’ve pocketed some of them for another time, although i’ve been informed by Canaan that this was the last year that he is participating in the coordinating costumes.  he said that once he turns double digits (which happens in April :( ), he is dressing as a soccer player every year.  hmmm…we’ll see if i can’t bribe him next year, but if not, i’ve already got a pretty adorable idea for my two girls.  and i just might need to come to terms with the reality that my little boy is growing up!

with our new addition this year, which not only brought another little body to outfit, but also much less time to work on costumes, i had to go with something super simple.  so these costumes did not take much time nor energy, and barely cost anything to make:

read on to see the how to.

once we decided on our trio, i started to get a little bit sad that Baby B’s first Halloween costume was going to be a Rock.  so i attempted to make her the cutest little rock that i could.  i’m pretty happy with the result, and when i look back 20 years from now to her First Halloween pictures, i don’t think i’ll be all that sad :)


i found some grey glittery tulle at Hobby Lobby, and made her a quick and simple tutu (tutorial here).  she had a grey onesie already, and i used this felt monogramming technique to label her as a Rock.  you can’t see, but she’s wearing adorable grey polka dotted tights that i found on clearance at Target.


i bought a piece of white foam board, cut it in half, and used a yard stick to measure out lines and drew them on with a hot pink and a blue paint pen.  (the paint pens were a bit more expensive than regular paint, but it was MUCH easier and faster, and yielded cleaner lines, than trying to paint lines with a brush, so in my opinion, totally worth the few extra dollars.)  i drew and colored in the holes with a sharpie.  i repeated this on the second half of foam board, so that her costume could be seen from the front and the back.  it also made it easy to wear, as i just attached the two boards together with some canvas straps that i already had in my craft supply.  (i used hot glue to attach the straps to the back of the boards.)  the straps hung over her shoulders, and the boards fell nicely in front and in back.  i found a black beanie for a few dollars at Target, and used the felt monogramming technique again to label the beanie.  the beanies were an afterthought, but i think they tied the costumes together nicely.


the scissors were a tad bit more complicated, but still very easy to do.  i used foam board again and drew out the shape of scissors.  i actually drew each arm of the scissors separately and attached them together later.  you can’t tell in the picture, because the handles are all one piece, but the body and the arms of the scissors are actually two pieces, just mirror imaged.  does that make sense?  so i basically had 4 pieces of scissors…2 for the front, and 2 for the back.  using hot glue, i glued the scissors pieces together to form the shape.  i wrapped the blades in aluminum foil, and then traced the handle portion of the scissors onto red poster board, and cut that out as a single piece.  using a glue stick (hot glue would’ve shown through) i glued the red handles onto the foam board, securing it all together as one piece.  i did the same thing all over again for the back of the costume.  i used the canvas straps to secure the two pieces together to hang over Canaan’s shoulders.  i initially tried to hang the scissors sideways but could not get the front piece to line up with the back piece while still getting the straps to fit without sliding off, so i would suggest hanging the scissors up and down and saving yourself the headache of trying to figure out how to hang them sideways.  i finished off the costume again with a labeled beanie.

originally, Jake and i were going to go as “Shoot” with t-shirts and water guns, but decided against it because there was some discretion about whether or not everyone would get the Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot, because apparently not everyone says “Shoot” when playing the game.  i didn’t argue much, cause it just meant one less costume i had to make :)  but because Jake can’t miss an opportunity to wear that awful wig that he has, he decided to go as Carlos, the 1989 Rock, Paper, Scissors World Champion:

so all in all, these were some of the easiest costumes to pull together, and i think our first year as a trio was successful!

ps:  i’m still accepting sponsors for the month of December before i take a break for a bit, so email me at asmallsnippet{at}gmail{dot}com if interested.