Honey Cinnamon Apples

popping back in with another quick recipe for your Dehydrator!
my kind of recipe…only 3 ingredients!  most of which you probably already have on hand:

i used a combination of Granny Smith apples and Fuji apples…our faves:

i kept the peel on when slicing the apples, cause so many nutrients are in the peel.
soak your apples in a mixture of honey and water.  1:1 ratio.  so i dissolved 1/2 cup honey in 1/2 cup water:

drain and pat dry.  then sprinkle with a heavy dose of cinnamon:

dehydrate for 1-2 days.

when finished, they should be dried throughout and pliable:

once they dry out, the amount might seem somewhat unimpressive, so if your house is anything like mine, then you might want to consider making a double batch, cause they go quick!
totally kid approved!

here’s the recipe card for you:

i’ve been on a sewing kick this week.  i get like that.  i don’t touch my machine for months, and then its like i can’t stop once i get going:

i’ve made 3 skirts so far, and one more is coming soon now that i received my package of special elastic today.  i’ll give you all the details soon!