Whole Wheat Donuts with Honey Glaze

i showed you these donuts yesterday, and said i’d be back with the recipe, so here it is today:

Canaan has been beg-ggg-ing me to make him “healthy” donuts, even going as far as trying to use his own money to buy me one of those donut makers at Target.  ( i wouldn’t let him :)

so i figured nothing like the First Day of School as an excuse to make him a little surprise after school snack.

i did some research on some different recipes, and was limited because i don’t own a donut maker or a Donut Pan, so i knew i’d have to fry some up.  i adapted a few things from some other recipes and came up with a recipe that was just right for our fam.  i did use Organic Sucanat, which is a less refined form of sugar, but its still sugar, so we don’t use it a lot around here.  i only use it when i simply cannot adapt a recipe with honey.  this was one of those recipes, because the honey would’ve made the dough too wet to roll out.  however, when i do buy a donut pan one of these days, i will try adapting the recipe to eliminate the Sucanat and use honey instead.

i also do not own a donut cutter, so i used a combination of circular objects i had around my kitchen:  The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal Sandwich Press and the top of that shaker thingy you use for mixed drinks.  it probably has an official name (a jigger perhaps?) but i don’t know what it is.  you basically just need a larger circle for the outside of the donut, and a smaller circle to cut out the hole.

i kept re-rolling the dough until i had used it all up.
then i fried them up, dipped them in the glaze, and let them drip:

before piling onto a platter for the Boy’s arrival:

Bella was my helper, and couldn’t wait to surprise her brother:

he was very pleased!

this recipe was SO simple.  seriously…i was thinking it would take a lot more time and effort than it did.  it was quick and so easy, and you could go right now and whip up a batch in the next 10-15 minutes.  no joke.  time yourself and let me know how long it takes you!

super de-lish, and this recipe will totally be hanging around our house for those days that call for a special treat!

been doing research on new blog formats and platforms, and can’t wait until i have this revamp done…or even started, for that matter :)  it makes my head spin.  have any of you ever switched from Blogger to WordPress?  any thoughts or suggestions about that, especially for doing it for cheap?