: Haiti :

i’m wondering if you all thought i had stayed in Haiti!  i know its been a long while.  funny how life changes.  do you ever have those seasons where things are put into perspective?  i’m in one right now.  and blogging has seemed to become less important lately.

but i do miss you all.  and i think some of you might be anxious to see pictures from Haiti, or at least know that we are alive, so here’s a post for you.  if you are interested in reading more about our friends and the work we do in Haiti, you can read here and here and here.

we got to spend lots of time loving on sweet kiddos:

 this little one was so photogenic, my Nikon seemed to not be able to take its lens off of him :)

 and oh boy…if i could describe the JOY in this child, i would…but i can’t.  its simply too pure to put into words!

 our ride:

 my very special friend, Hebreux, checking out a photo album i brought with pics of years past:

 laughing at how young and little these guys were at one time:

 this boy/young man holds a special place in my heart.  you can read all about why here.  he’s a huge part of my story :)

 and his mom is just as precious as he is:

 love her sweet spirit:

 we happened upon a 3 day old baby in a village.  such a fun surprise!

Henbreux wrote me an amazing letter before we left, giving praise to Jesus for what He’s done.  it was so encouraging to my heart to see how God has grabbed ahold of him!

 our Haitian family:

 saying goodbye…until next time!

 i met Emma when she was just a 9 year old little girl!


 hidden beauty is everywhere:

 these were a few of the women that i got to work with in 3Cords.  you can read about what exactly we were doing this year here:

make sure you check out the website www.3cordshaiti.com for all the new products, including the new tote bags!  (and if you look carefully, you just might recognize a cute little Bug modeling some kids cords and flower pins!)

not thinking this is exactly Clean Eating, but i’ve grown to really enjoy parts of this meal :)

if you know us at all, then you know this place means so very much to us!  thanks for letting me overwhelm you with photos.

i don’t plan to let this much time pass again before i post again.  so until then,