Healthy Fried Rice

i thought y’all might enjoy a new Clean Eating recipe while i’m away!
we LOVE this recipe, and have been making it for a number of years now.  we have adapted it over the years to be just the way we like it!  its loaded with veggies, and super tasty!  and since we use brown rice, it falls into our Clean Eating Plan!
ingredients (see recipe card at end of post for specifics)
note about the Liquid Aminos:  its just a healthier substitute for Soy Sauce.  i’m beginning to become deathly afraid of GMOs and try to avoid soy anything unless its organic.  this tastes just like soy sauce, but is made with essential amino acids and is non-GMO.  
so so good just on its own…or…

paired with this baked sweet and sour chicken recipe that a friend of mine found.  i substituted coconut oil for the canola oil, honey for the sugar, and Liquid Aminos for the soy sauce.  i would also suggest using apple cider vinegar for the vinegar.  it was DIVINE!!!  this will definitely be a staple in our house from here on out!!  and next time i’ll double the recipe, because my kids were begging for more!

just to note…i found that baking it for an hour was TOO long!   just keep checking and stirring it around until it seems like its done.

 here’s the recipe card for the Fried Rice:

let me know what you think!