Super Healthy Meatloaf Recipe

i really think meatloaf gets a bad wrap.
yes…the word “meatloaf” is horrendous. a loaf of meat does not sound appetizing. when i asked my boys what other names they could think of for meatloaf, they came up with meat stack, meat mound, meat roll, meaty delight, meatalicious. Canaan concluded that we should just call it a log. not sure any of those names make it sound any more appealing.
even though the name conjures up all kinds of unappetizing thoughts, meatloaf is pretty darn tasty. and i think i’ve finally perfected our family’s favorite recipe.

we shred up some veggies to add in, giving credibility to the recipe’s name of “Super Healthy Meatloaf”
you could also add in bell peppers, or other veggies of your choosing.
we buy all of our organic ground beef at Costco.

shape into a loaf, and place in greased loaf pan.
i’ve mentioned before that we allow ourselves to eat Organic Ketchup, even though it still contains refined sugar, and therefore does not fall into our Clean Eating food plan. but i’m not up for making homemade ketchup just yet, and i know the organic brand eliminates GMO’s and does not have high fructose corn syrup, so i feel okay about it.

bake at 350 degrees for around an hour. let rest for 5 minutes before slicing:
serve with a few veggies on the side, and you’ve got yourself a darn good dinner!
here’s the recipe card for you:
we are supposed to be celebrating the boy’s upcoming bday with an Olympics Party on the beach this weekend. however, the weather looks like it doesn’t want to cooperate, so we’re praying big time that it holds off till after closing ceremonies!!! its actually turned into a pretty festive but simple party, and i can’t wait to show you all the details.
and…i’ve officially bought some fabric to attempt some new sewing projects. so as soon as this party is over, i’ll be hitting the machine!