Tarragon Chicken Salad

for starters…THANK YOU for your awesome responses to my post last week. i’m really grateful for ya’ll, and i’m excited to start communicating with you, my crazies, on a more personal level! its been super fun for me to get to “meet” ya’ll through this blog! i love knowing as much as possible about my readers, so it was really good to hear from so many of you! so THANKS!

i’ve been thinking lately….
i love where we live…LOVE IT! but i think the placement of our new kitchen takes away from the enjoyment that i used to get from cooking. my old kitchen was central to everything going on in the house, had a huge front window, and was so light, bright, and airy. our new kitchen is a little removed from the central activity, so i’ve found myself somewhat unmotivated to cook cause i don’t want to be separated from what’s going on! maybe its that and the fact that its summer, which kinda makes me unmotivated to do anything but hang with my fam and enjoy the beach! so i’ve been opting for pretty simple dinners lately….hence, why this recipe today! but although simple, it still packs a punch and makes for a great meal!

i made this for dinner the other night, because it takes all of 5 minutes to prepare, and is crazily good. i’m actually not a chicken salad kind of girl…it must be the mayonnaise! our local grocery store sells tarragon chicken salad in the deli, and the first time i decided to taste it (i must’ve been really hungry!), i couldn’t believe that i had been missing out all these years! i loved it! but is pretty expensive, so i figured out a way to make my own, and it tastes pretty darn good!

shred chicken and add:
you don’t really have to measure. just add to taste. i add lots of dried tarragon and just enough mayonnaise to make it all come together.

i often serve this for brunches or luncheons on really good croissants from CostCo.

here’s the recipe card:
in other news, these little hulligans are coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas to entertain themselves this summer, complete with outfits to match their activities:
the other day it was indoor skiing:
on a blanket slope:
never ever a dull moment!
and i should’ve shown ya’ll these before Father’s Day, but you know how that goes.
we got this adorable idea for these cards here and knocked out a few for some of the special fathers in our lives:
maybe you can pocket that idea for next year!

i’m still working on that Photoshop Before and After post, so look for that coming up! and i’ll be back too with some summer reading suggestions!