Beach Bash Printables

i know i know…its taken me WAY too long to get these out to you. i hope your beach bashes haven’t already come and gone!

here are some printables that i used for Canaan’s Beach Bash last month. i designed them all in a drawing program that i have on my computer. nothing fancy, i downloaded it for free. its called OpenOfficeDraw. i used some clip art that i found for free online, as well as some i created and adjusted myself. (my brother did the board shorts image for me in photoshop…he’s really good at that!!) i’m sure there is a way to do all of these in photoshop, but i’m still in the beginning stages of learning how to edit photos in photoshop, let alone schooled enough to use it for graphic design quite yet! (but if any of you want to teach me, i’m super game to learn!!)

for the full post on the Beach Bash, see here.

i am no professional…just a mom who tries to throw fun, personalized parties to celebrate my crazies without spending money that i don’t have :) so i’m sure there is a better, more simple, less time consuming way to design printables…and i guess when people figure it out, they start making money on! i am, unfortunately, not one of those people…so this is the best you’re gonna get from me!

for the life of me, i cannot figure out how to embed my files on this blog without screwing them up somehow. so i just attached each document as a jpeg. you can click on it and save it onto your computer, and then print. they are each designed to print to a full page, so you might have to adjust your print settings to enlarge it so that it prints to the size you want.

here you go, my faithful blog readers!! thanks for being patient with me!!

Water Bottle Labels

i cut each into a strip all the way across the paper. i then covered them in clear packing tape (so that condensation wouldn’t blur the image) and taped it to each bottle. (its best to cover both the front and the back of the label in tape so that no water touches the image. or you can skip that step and just serve lukewarm water!)
i also significantly enlarged one of the images above to use as a template for the board shorts banner. i cut them out of scraps of fabric in the party colors, hot glued a small ribbon bow to the top, and hung from jute rope with mini clothespins. here is where i got that idea!
Fish Food Labels:
i cut these into circles and glued them to paper cups to hold the snacks, which consisted of a mix of pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and whale shaped crackers/goldfish. (our party was from 2:00-4:30, so i just provided yummy snacks since it was after lunchtime. a good way to save some $$$!!!)

here is the image that i used on the bags that the kids used to collect shark’s teeth during the sharks teeth hunt:
i cut each into a circle, glued them to cardstock, and then glued them to a small plastic bag found in the jewelry section of Joann’s:

we created flags to mark the sharks teeth for the sharks teeth hunt:
i bought a package of thin wooden dowels at Joann’s for just a dollar or two, and attached each image to a patterned piece of scrapbook paper, and then to a square piece of cardstock and then glued an edge of the cardstock around the dowel.
Party Favors:

i printed each image onto cardstock, cut them into rectangles and clipped both top corners at an angle to create the tag. i attached them to the beach buckets with jute rope. you can have your child sign his or her name on the bottom if you want to personalize it!
hope this helps some of you out as you prepare for your parties!
a few things to note:

you are free to use and share these printables (and all ideas on this blog for that matter), as long as you don’t use them for commercial use, meaning that you cannot make money off of the things you use from my blog. although you are MORE than welcome to send readers my way if they are interested in the things you find here!

and since we’re on the subject, please please please please please with a cherry on top do not use my photos without my permission, except in the case of a repost on your blog where you link back to this site. i post way too many pics of my precious kids for them to be floating all over blogspace without me being able to carefully track them, which i do, in case you are wondering! :)

thanks friends!! ya’ll are the best!