Spaghetti and Meatballs

i can’t believe over a week has passed since i’ve last said “hey” to you!! we’ve had family in town, and lots going on! i used to be better at this blogging thing…i need to get my act together! :)

last time i was here, i promised ya’ll a recipe from my Italian side. this one’s from my Grandma Amy, my Dad’s mom. she could take Giada any day of the week! so get your apron on and get ready to cook!

(recipe cards at bottom of post!)

you’ll need to gather up some ingredients:

put in a big bowl:

take pan off of heat and add to garlic:

here are the printable cards!

i cannot wait to show you some pics of the super fun thing we did last weekend! i hope i get some time soon! thanks for being patient with me and my busy life!