a feast for your eyes

i gave you a peek at this little one last week. he’s the firstborn of a friend of mine from high school and college, and i had the sheer privilege of taking some newborn shots of this little guy when he was only 10 days old. i thought you might enjoy seeing them, cause he’s about the cutest thing i’ve seen in a long time!

you would’ve thought he was a model and that he knew exactly what he was doing, cause once he got going, the adorableness just didn’t stop!

can you believe how he’s holding his head up at 10 days old?? we couldn’t stop laughing in awe at his cuteness and ability!! this was totally him…with no help!

his mom and i were in the same sorority at UF, so we had to document that he is a Gator’s fan since birth!

a sweet moment with mom…beautiful!
and with dad:

that’s the kind of sweetness that makes me wish i had a little babe in this house! (but not enough wishing to do anything about it :)

have a fun weekend,