Cake Pops

i’ve got one more Halloween recipe for you, and then i promise i’m done for the night! afterall, the hubs is still up watching the USC game, and i’m still wired from Florida’s OT win over Georgia! finally…i was beginning to forget what it felt like to win!

have you heard of Bakerella? i’ve found her blog a while back, but she just came out with a cookbook, that the bug and i literally drooled over a few weeks back in the bookstore. anyway, she’s a master at these creations called Cake Pops, and i had the crazy idea to attempt them today:

you can get the recipe here and you can see her Halloween creations here. since she’s got step by step directions in her recipe, there’s no need for me to repeat, so i’ll just show you some pics of the process. that way you can read her recipe and follow along:

(the stem is a green Tic Tac, from the Mango Melon flavored pack)

i was pretty bummed when my edible marker that i bought for $4 didn’t really work, and only had enough juice for me to finish 4 of these little faces. so may i just suggest NOT buying the Wilton edible markers? (hope i don’t get in some kind of trouble for saying that. typically, everything i’ve ever bought of their brand has been wonderful, but don’t waste your pennies on their edible markers…they just simply don’t work.) i might try to find a better one tomorrow after church, and if i do, i’ll let you know. but if not, we’ll just be happy eating plain pumpkin cake pops with no faces at our party tomorrow night!

i’m officially signing off now. just realized that someone pranked us already…and tied our adarondak chairs on the roof of the hubs car with toilet paper. that takes some guts, considering we are still up with all the house lights on! i’m assuming its some of our old students. oh well…its certainly not anything that we’re not used to, after almost 10 years in youth ministry. (although that does NOT mean that i find it amusing!! just in case some certain peeps might be reading) sheesh…it might be loooooooong night!

Happy Halloween, my friends!!