a gift from me to you

so far, the second season of Friday Night Lights has been a tad bit disappointing. not because its not well done, and don’t get me wrong…i still love it…but because there have been too many changes (and weird things) for my liking. and since i have a hard time going to bed on a bad note, we had to watch 4 episodes until i felt like things were normal enough again for me to sleep.

but it was worth it, and since i skipped out on my planned post, i’m back today to give you the recipe from our dinner last night that i promised. and if you keep reading till the end, i have a gift for you that some of you might just find very useful and pleasant!!

so here goes…but i must tell you first…although this is a fan favorite, we don’t make it too often, cause its not as cheap as other recipes. but it is very easy, very quick, and healthy too, so it makes it into the rotation every now and then!

and simply because you all are fantastic readers, and i love you so very much, (and you’ve been leaving me comments, which makes my day!!!), i decided that i am going to start giving you a little gift with the recipes i post.

so here is your very own recipe card! if all goes as planned, you should be able to just right click and “save image as” and print away. let me know if it works!

happy cooking,