a picture is worth a thousand words

I’ll write few words today, and just let photos speak for themselves.

what we envision real church looking like:
her prosthetic leg didn’t slow her down one bit:

notice the doll’s “hairdo:”
the following 6 children are all siblings. they are some of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen! they take care of each other, because their father lives in a different village and their mother often leaves them for days at a time to fend for themselves while she goes away into the mountains to practice voodoo. i mourn for them the loss of their innocence and childhood…
this is the home where they live, along with a few other siblings, not pictured:


this is the main mode of transportation in Haiti, called a “Tap tap.” with the absence of traffic laws, you can just imagine how dangerous this is. there are many accidents everyday resulting in severe injuries and loss of life.
daily life:
we got to spend a bit of time at this gorgeous waterfall up in the mountains. its actually used as a place for voodoo sacrifice and worship (see here for more info on that). but even that can’t mar the beauty of God’s creation:
this little boy was so intense. i would love to know his story:

a typical day in the city:
i can’t look at this picture without thinking of my kids. there is no difference between these girls and Bella, except Bella happened to be born in America, and therefore gets to reap all the benefits of living here. i struggle to make sense of that:
this is it for the Haiti posts (at least for now!) thanks for letting me share such a huge part of my life with you! who knows….maybe one day i’ll be posting from Haiti!!

until next time,