Ruffled Camera Strap Cover

i finished another sewing project that i had pocketed a long time ago until i had time, or motivation, to attempt it. well…i was motivated today since my sewing machine was already out, and this project really doesn’t take much time.

i’m still working on getting a good photo of the finished product, since i couldn’t use my camera to take a picture of my camera, so if i can get one, i’ll post it later!

but here’s the latest creation:

i found multiple tutorials online, and liked elements of all of them, so i combined a few and made it as easy as possible…so hopefully you find this one do-able!

all you need is a small piece of fabric (keep reading for measurements) and a piece of iron-on heavy weight fusible interfacing.
first off, measure the length of your camera strap, not including the leather parts on the ends. then measure the width. my length was 20 1/4” and my width was 1 1/2”. Add an inch to your length. now double your width and add an inch.

so my starting measurements were:
20 1/4” by 1 1/2”
my ending measurements were:
21 1/4” by 4”.

you’ll also need a 45” by 1 1/2” strip for the ruffle.
after you iron on the interfacing, fold strip in half and iron a crease. this will help you later.
now for the ruffle:

this next part is key. be really really gentle, cause if your bobbin thread breaks, you have to start again with a new basting stitch. so pull carefully and push the ruffles a little at a time down the length of the strip. it helps if you pin one edge of the ruffle down, flush with the edge and centered on the top half of the strap fabric (see below). you also want to make sure that the ruffle doesn’t twist around, revealing the back of the fabric. so go slowly and twist back if necessary.

pin the ruffle in a few places to keep in place while sewing.
take your basting stitch out now that the ruffle is sewn down.

detach one side of your camera strap from your camera base.

(sorry for the following tiny cell phone photos!)

this new strap doesn’t help take better photos, but it sure does look cute and chic while shooting!
this is a quick and inexpensive project, and i think you should try it!!! (and then send me a picture of it, so i can see the fruit of your labor!!) :)

have fun!

ps: just an update…but i am so pumped to tell ya’ll that Lespwa was one of the top 200 vote-getters and will be awarded a whopping $20,000 from Chase Bank!!! thanks to all of you who voted!!!