Chicken Pot Pie

there’s a chance that as you read this, i may be sitting in front of a bowl of goat stew…or goat balls. no joke. its happened many times before. but if i’m lucky, i’m happily munching away on some fried plantains and my trusty Heinz Ketchup that i packed and brought with me for such an occasion! but while i “enjoy” my Haitian cuisine, (for which i am really very grateful, all things considered!), i thought i’d give you a super simple, super quick, and SUPER delish dish that we make very often in our house.

a friend of mine, Rebekah, made this dish for bible study one night a few years ago, and i couldn’t leave without the recipe. i’ve actually never been a huge fan of chicken pot pie, so when i found that i couldn’t contain myself and devoured every bite on my plate that night, i knew i had found a new fave.

upon receiving the recipe, i was quite surprised at the list of ingredients. to be completely honest, had i seen this recipe without eating it first, i probably would’ve passed it by. but TRUST ME…YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! so don’t let the odd list of ingredients scare you away!!

the recipe actually calls for 1 large can of chicken breast, packed in water. before trying this recipe, i had never in my life cooked with canned chicken, and the thought grossed me out a bit, but it is SO good, and it makes the prep for this dish take all of 5 minutes! but if you’d like, you can cook some chicken breasts yourself and add it in.

you also use on can of Veg-All, or mixed vegetables. just get the kind with potatoes.

Seal edges of pie crust by indenting with your thumbs or by using a fork.

another quick recipe is coming your way, so be on the lookout!

and eat an extra bite or two for me, okay? the goat stew at this point might be getting to me :)