project linus blankets

Jake and i worked on a small craft project this past weekend for an organization called Project Linus.  (  We made blankets for this non-profit to give to children who are seriously ill or traumatized in some way.  i wish that i could say that we just did it out of the kindness of our hearts…but we actually did it as participants in Disney’s “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program.  if you haven’t heard about it and want more info, check out:
basically, you participate in a day of service for a specific organization listed on the website, and you get a free ticket to Disney!!  you can’t beat that!!  we were excited to have the opportunity to partner with Project Linus, and be crafty too while we were at it!  (well…i was excited about that part…not so much the hubby…)

in case you are interested in participating, or just want to make a simple, inexpensive blanket…here’s how we did it:  

buy some fleece…our’s was from Joann’s.  i used 1.5 yards per blanket.  (btw…i’m a little bit OBSESSED with the floral one…i think its the best looking fleece i’ve ever seen!!)

cut off all the selvage.

cut out a 4×4 inch square off each corner.

make a template that measures 2 inch wide strips.  place the bottom of the template 4 inches from the edge of the blanket. (you want each strip to be 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall) and cut strips according to the template all the way around the blanket.

tie the strips in a knot to itself (these are single layer blankets, but you could layer two pieces of fleece on top of each other and tie them together).  be careful when tying that tension isn’t too tight, so that the blanket will lay flat when you are done.  i had to go back through some of the knots and pull on them a bit to help with the tension.

here are our finished products!  we each made two.

as i took this next picture, my hubby’s comment to me was this: 
“you aren’t going to post this pic on your blog, are you?  i don’t know if i want to be known as the ‘crafty husband.’!”  
let me just make it clear…although he did a wonderful job in helping with this craft project (he had to participate to get a ticket!), it is the first and most likely the last that he will ever do…so no worries babe!  one craft project doesn’t make you a ‘crafty husband!’  although if you ever get the inkling to want to be, it’d be super fun to have a partner in crime :)
the directions for these blankets were VERY specific, so it didn’t give us much room to be creative (personally…i’m a fan of having things a bit more finished off, and probably would’ve liked to see these sewn and binded!)  but it really is a pretty simple project if you just want a fun blanket. both of my kids have double layer ones that were made for them, and they are the only blankets that they will use!  they make great gifts for kiddos!

now…if only i could think of something fun to do with these?  any suggestions?!