monogramed wreath

here’s the tutorial i promised of the little craft project i did this past weekend.

a few years ago for christmas, i made a monogramed wreath for a friend of mine. she has had it hanging on her front door ever since…until, that is, a few weeks ago, when someone stole it right off her door! who would steal a personalized, monogramed wreath?

but anyway, i made her another one this weekend, and i’m excited to show you the tutorial, because its really easy, and very affordable.

the supplies you need are 2 full stems of berries, some cardboard, scissors, and hot glue. (you can disregard the floral tape and wire. i ended up not using them….but might’ve used the tape to cover the cardboard if i was using greenery instead of red berries)…on that note: i would’ve loved to use artifical boxwood to create this, but i searched everywhere, and even bought some on ebay, but it was baby boxwood and ridiculously small. if anyone knows where i can find some good, normal sized artificial boxwood, let me know! but since i couldn’t find any, i used red berries. you can find these at any craft store.

first thing to do is to find a letter you like and get it to the size you want. (i’d suggest using a pretty straightforward font…the more details, the harder it is). typically, i would’ve gone to kinkos and had them enlarge the letter for me to the size i wanted, but i just wanted to jump in, so i tried to freehand the B from the one i had printed off the computer.

if you look closely at the finished product, its definitely not perfect or proportional, which kinda drives me crazy the more i look at it, but oh well…it is what it is! i think my final letter size ended up at around 14 inches long.

cut off the berries in clumps from the stem.

start hot gluing the berries onto your cardboard template.

be careful not to burn your fingers to smithereens in the process! and be aware…it makes quite a mess!

once you have the letter covered, go back through and fill in any gaps, or straighten up any edges with more berries. you can see the difference in these two photos…the bottom one is after i went back through, shaped the edges, and made it a little fuller.

cut out the same letter template out of a brown paper bag.
staple your ribbon to the backside of your cardboard. glue your paper letter to the back to hold the ribbon in place.
hang on door (or wherever your heart desires!)
send me pics if you attempt to make one!!