the playhouse

i happened upon a playhouse a few months ago on this blog
…and decided that i had to make one for my kids for Christmas.  i used some of her ideas and tutorials, and some other ideas i saw on an etsy shop, paired with a few original ideas, and came up with this little cottage.  needless to say, my kids love it, and have been playing in it everyday!
here is the finished product!
its made completely out of felt, and it slips over a card table…so super easy clean up and storage!

the mailbox opens and closes to deliver the letters.
all the smaller pieces come on and off with velcro.
the basket holds the fruit when its picked off the trees!  (the owl is an ode to mommy’s chi omega years!)

here’s the inside:

there are a few different meal options for the table…a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast is shown here.

the best thing is that the whole project only cost me around $20.00!
 i sewed the pieces that come off and on and sewed the walls, roof, and scalloping together, but used stitch witchery to attach everything to the base.  it would probably last longer if i had sewed the whole thing, but i wanted to do the inside and didn’t want the stitches to show through.  i guess i could’ve lined it, but was lazy and simply didn’t want to!
totally worth the time, but i’ll never make one again!  hopefully this one will last for the grandkids one day!