i love to hear from my readers, and i read every word that is sent my way!  the best way to contact me with a question or thought is through the comments section under each post.  but if you’d prefer, you can email me at:
asmallsnippet {at} gmail {dot} com.

i am also SO thrilled to be offering advertising space on my blog!  my deepest desire in doing so is for this to be mutually beneficial! I would LOVE to see your businesses flourish and thrive, and I would love to leverage what God has done for me through the traffic on this blog to help you do that.

Currently, I am offering an advertising option of 261 x 125 pixel image of your choice on the right sidebar.  In addition to your image and link on the sidebar of my blog, I will do a monthly sponsor post, where I will post your button or pictures with a link to your website, as well as a small write-up about your business (provided by you). I would also at that time be happy to state discount codes if you were interested in offering discounts to my readers.

Also, I will be limiting my ad space so that your ad will be easily visible and will not be lost in the shuffle!

To maintain the purpose, feel and look of my blog, I will not at this time be offering giveaways. I will also only accept advertising from companies who I would personally do business with, or products that I would personally promote and use. Along those lines, I would be thrilled to receive free products, and although I do often post about the products that I use and love, I cannot guarantee or promise that I will do that for all of the products that I receive.

Please keep in mind that the style of my blog is very important to me, so I may want to work with you on your image to make sure it suits the feel of my blog.

if you are interested, email me at asmallsnippet{at}gmail{dot} com, and I will send you my media package with stats, rates, and specifics.

***(All terms can be subject to change without notice.)***