just because its fun…

…and because i’m well overdue for a blog post (seems to be the story of my summer!)
…and because i still haven’t finished editing photos from our trip.  in fact, to be honest, i haven’t really even started.  i just haven’t been motivated, and other things have taken their place.
…and because i’m trying my hardest to soak up every last bit of beach time with my kiddos before both of them head off to full-time school…AHHH!

so because of all that, tonight you’re getting some photos from some recent shoots.  i’ve told you this before, but i’m not a professional photographer….not even close.  and even if i wanted to be, i lack the skillzzz and the equipment needed to be one.  however, when you get to shoot beautiful people like this, and end up with photos like these below, it reminds me that it has everything to do with the subjects, and nothing to do with the one holding the cam!!

this sweet girl was SO easy to shoot!  she really was one of the happiest little babies i’ve ever met!

this outfit she’s wearing below was her momma’s when she was a baby:

 and her striking eyes melted my heart:

you can’t really tell, but if you look closely, you’ll see a tiny little baby bump in this next picture!!

 they were also celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary…

 so we captured some sweet moments!

hope you are all enjoying the last stretch of summer.
and by golly…i’ve got to come back and share with you some recipes that we’ve tried recently.  i think you’ll want to add them into your repertoire!

until then,