Clean Eating Key Lime Pie

with it being summer and all, i figured it was time for a good Clean Eating summer recipe!
the ingredients in this Key Lime Pie will surprise you.  the main ingredient for the filling is….avocados!  i had my doubts at first.  but trust me…it is divine!  (and i don’t even really like avocados!!)  i made this for a group of friends, and had them try it before telling them what was in it.  none of them had a clue that avocados were used!  and they all finished every single bite!
what you’ll need for the crust:

(i used my food processor to grind whole almonds until very fine)

for the filling:
(i think i ended up using 3 avocados, but depending on the size, you might need more)

a note about the key lime juice.  if you have access to fresh key limes, use fresh juice.  i happened to have this juice in my fridge, so i used it.  but it does have ingredients in it that would not classify it as Clean Eating.  at the time i was still making my way through some leftover items in my fridge that i hadn’t thrown out, and since i wasn’t totally sure of this recipe yet, i decided to use it.  but if you truly want this to be a Clean Eating recipe, squeeze your own key limes or find some bottled juice that does not have preservatives in it.

to make the crust:

as for pans, you can use a regular pie pan, individual muffin tins or Mini Tart Pans like these:

i found these Mini Tart Pans a few years ago and love using them for individual pies.

for the filling:
melt your coconut oil first, then:

taste for sweetness and tartness and add more honey or lime juice until its the way you like it.

freeze for 1-2 hours.  the filling will firm up, like the consistency of ice cream.  let thaw out for 5 minutes before serving.  you can also refrigerate, but the filling is more like pudding if you do that.  i think its better to keep them frozen and then let them thaw just a few minutes before digging in.

i also piped some honey whipped creamon the edges right before serving:

top with a berry and you have the perfect summer dessert!

here’s the recipe card for you:

let me know what you think!