::: Eight :::

its your special day, sweet Canaan Boy!!

the big 8…too swiftly moving out of “little boy” status!!  you sometimes seem like a 45 year old in a small body….

 but i can’t help but to say that you are still as cute as a button!

 i am continually blown away by you, my sweet boy.

your tender heart is like no other.  you have a sensitivity to you that is rare, and love exudes from you.  you feel things for people…empathy and compassion are good gifts to have, precious child.  don’t let this world steal them from you.

you possess a depth of knowledge that is beyond your years.  not just book smart kind of knowledge, but a true wisdom, a supernatural gift, that i can already see working itself out.  you grasp concepts that are beyond your level, and it leads you to trust in and hold tightly to what you know is true….and it blows me away.

and your JOY is contagious.  it really is.  i find myself just watching you in delight sometimes, because you are very easy to delight in!!

i wait in expectation of all that our Father has in store for you.  i have a feeling that its BIG and very special!!  you have a calling…to advance His Kingdom…and He is preparing you, even at this ripe age of 8.  press on, precious child.  there is much more to come for you!!

your life verse rings true,
“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him, so now I give Him to the Lord.  His whole life will be given to the Lord.”
1 Samuel 1:27-28

its a prayer that at times is scary for a momma to pray, but i am convinced that its worth praying, in trust, knowing that our Good God has much in store!

i love you, and you will always and forever be my sweet little boy!!
Happy Birthday!