Five has Arrived

a love note to my daughter, today, on her 5th Birthday:
“oh my sweet Belle…how old you are getting!!

the much anticipated five year mark has arrived!
wasn’t it just yesterday that you were my little tiny 6 pound babe?!
now you are a “big girl”…(and not a day goes by that you don’t remind me of that)
and you couldn’t be MORE BEAUTIFUL!
both inside and out.
your heart has the very presence of Jesus in it…and it bleeds with compassion for people, even at this young age:
you are a gifted child…more than you even realize yet…but i see it…
you have the gift of intercession, my dear child, and as i listen to you pray in full, pure, childlike faith for the Power of the Living God to come…
and bring healing to those you love…and those you don’t even know…
i am amazed by you, and Jesus has taught me much from you, my sweet daughter:
i hope this special day of your’s leaves your heart full of joy, knowing that you are fully known and fully loved at the same time!happiest of birthdays, my sweet Bug!

you have my heart,