Lettuce Wraps & Green Bean Almondine with Lemon

there are those stretches in the life of a blogger where there is just simply nothing of interest to blog about. and then there are those rare times (at least for me) where i have a list of things i can’t wait to post here, but just can’t seem to find the time to get to it!

at the moment, i’ve got a list, crazies, if you’d believe it. but its Thanksgiving week, and i’m hosting. so getting to that list might fall to the wayside till after this holiday passes.

and anyway…you know…my little crazies are just growing so fast, and i am reminded daily of how very quickly it goes by, so blogging sometimes falls to the bottom of my priorities! cause going to their Thanksgiving plays and feasts, and reading this special book with them during this Thanksgiving season just might be more important!

(if you’ve never read this book, its festive and precious, and you won’t regret going to check it out from the library this week and reading it with your little ones!)
but anyway…the reason for this post is that i just can’t wait another day to give you this recipe, cause it got rave reviews from my whole fam….and its been awhile since i’ve posted a recipe…and i’m pretty sure y’all will love this one!

Pinterest (aka: my new BFF) was where i first saw this recipe for the P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps. the original link is here if you want to check it out, or keep reading for the full rundown.

(don’t be scared off by all the ingredients. if you don’t already have alot of these on hand, i promise you will use them all many times! like…buy these once and make this recipe many many times without having to buy many of the ingredients again! or you can even use some of them to make this Spicy Thai Noodles recipe!)

in a microwave safe bowl:
in a skillet over high heat:

now for the yummiest green bean recipe:

season to taste with salt and pepper.

the green beans are the perfect accompaniment to the lettuce wraps, (served with a side of soy sauce for dipping):

after one bite, Canaan said,

“this is one of the best dinners i’ve ever had!”
and then after a few more bites, he continued with,
“i could eat this every night!”

and i even got a thumbs up from my pickiest little eater:
needless to say, my fam finished off the entire bowl.

its really that good!

and since we’re on the subject of cooking and recipes and eating, i figured i’d share two of my Thanksgiving faves with you.

if you happen to be looking for the ABSOLUTE BEST mashed potato recipe, then look no further.

this is the recipe i’ve been using the last few years, and they are one of the best things i’ve ever tasted:

and speaking of potatoes, this is the recipe i’ll be using for the Sweet Potato Casserole.

Happy Cooking!