could it be true?

how does this happen?
how do they go from this:

to this???

the Bug turns 4 tomorrow (actually today, considering its 1 am)…

FOUR! could it be true???

we have a big day planned for her. i will be toting the camera along, so i’ll be sure to share with you her birthday surprise!

her door is all decorated for the morning:
i debated for a while whether or not to do a party for her this year. i caved. we are having one on saturday. but only for our fam. i wanted to keep it simple. however, you know me…i had to have a theme to work off of. i’ll give you a hint…it has to do with her nickname.

here’s a sneek peek as i’m gathering supplies:
i’ll be sure to share the details later.

for now, i better be heading to bed. my mind is not thinking straight at this time of night/morning! and i’ve had a request for a birthday breakfast of bacon and blueberry pancakes, so i have to rise a bit early!

happy birthday to my sweet bug, who is more precious of a daughter than i could’ve ever asked for! i love you more than i could ever express!!