Breaking in Spring

we started off our spring break with quite a bang!

after hitting up the beach with some friends on our first day off, we continued the festivities by spending an afternoon cruisin’ the waters on our friends’ boat.

we even spotted some special wildlife…
swimming pretty darn close to our boat!

we are really glad we took advantage of that sunny day, cause since then, this is what we’ve been dealing with:

so much for beach days!

we did head out early the other morning before the storms set in to grab a long bike ride…

we set a family record of 5 miles, so we decided that called for a celebration! so we took our little cyclists to a local bakery for some donuts:
(excuse the following 3 pics…the Nikon didn’t come along for the ride this time!)

this is the face i got when i stole a little bite of the Boy’s (second) jelly donut. i wish that i could tell you that this was scripted, but he was dead serious!
we then took the Bug to use some Birthday gift cards to get her favorite movie, Tangled. she can barely contain her excitement in the this next pic (just kidding!) let’s just say…this weather seems to make everyone a bit crazy.
we came home and spent a rainy afternoon watching our new flick.

and since it was still raining today, we decided to do another indoor activity:

Although the ball is twice the size of her little head, the Bug seems to have found a new sport to love.

and because this post has lacked anything of interest :), i thought i’d show you these following pics. i got to photograph these men the other day at a local homeless shelter. i wish i knew all of their stories, but i’m telling you what…they were a pleasure to be around!

i can’t look at this next picture without smiling! there is a pure joy in this man, and i’d love to know where it comes from (although i could take a guess!)
i know nothing about this young man…he popped on the scene just for a moment, but i’m thinking there is alot i could learn from him:

and this man was so sweet. i can’t help but to wonder what his life has been about.
pray for them with me if you think about it!

we have a campsite reserved for tomorrow night on this little island not far from here. but its not looking good, friends! i’m thinking we might need to come up with (an indoor) Plan B to add a little excitement to our remaining spring break!

i’ll keep you all posted!