Quick Homemade Ravioli

back with another recipe!

this one is a really simple, quick ravioli. instead of pasta (which would NOT be quick), you use wonton wrappers, aka: wonton skins. They are very simple to use, and really taste like pasta!

gather up your ingredients:
there’s not really measuring here, so just add in spices to your liking. i like mine heavily spiced so i would suggest at least 1/4 cup of each! (except salt and pepper!)

i realize that there is not a great way to copy my recipes except by writing them down. i’ve seen other blogs where you can click on a link and it takes you to a page that has been created with just the recipe, and then you can print it out. if anyone knows how i can do that, i’m happy to! i’ll try to work on that when i get home!

i’m thinking by this point i’ve probably taken about 1000 pictures of some beautiful Haitian people, as well as some pretty heartbreaking sights. i’m looking forward to sharing the snippets with you upon returning home!

hope you all are well!