tortilla pie: revised!

hey friends!

i’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you’re trying and liking the recipes that are posted and i’m SO thrilled! if you’ve got a great recipe to share, please pass it on to me so i can try it too!!

but i have a revision to one of the recipes that has become a fam fave that i have to tell you about. i’ve made this tortilla pie recipe multiple times now, and i have come the conclusion that there are a few changes that make it even more yummy!

basically, this revision just changes the filling a little bit. instead of cooking the beans and corn with the onions, this new way just adds better flavor and creates a sauce, and i think its quicker and easier.

first off, you can add in some meat of your choice. my suggestions are shredded chicken or ground beef. we use this kind of beef from Costco, cause its the most affordable Organic option i have found:

here’s a little tip for you that i heard a while back. some of you might think i’m crazy, but here goes! if you are using ground meat that’s not super lean, you can brown it up and then throw it in a colander and rinse and drain it to get as much of the grease/fat off as possible. i think it really does make it healthier, and since i’m going to be warming it back up and adding in lots of spices, it doesn’t really change the taste at all in my opinion!

now, throw your meat back into the pan and add in a can of drained black beans, a can of corn or a few handfuls of frozen corn, some cumin and chili powder, salt and pepper, and maybe even some taco seasoning.
and then here’s the best part…pour in some taco sauce, to create a thick sauce for the filling. i like a lot of taco sauce, so i would normally add in almost a full big bottle. but add in at least a cup.

then follow the directions for assembly and cooking like the previous recipe i posted explains. see here for that.

i think this makes for an even yummier, flavorful filling for your tortilla pie! let me know what you think!
i thought i’d leave you today by introducing you to a new friend of our family. Meet BACON: